International Certificate of Christian Education

Enrolling Students

Only schools or home education academies (HEAs) that are actively registered with ICCE may enrol students for ICCE certificates. 

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Enrolment Process

All student enrolments must be managed by the Coordinator of an ICCE-registered school or home education academy (HEA). Students may not apply directly to ICCE.

Students may be enrolled in one of two ways:

  • Online enrolment (in Beta testing in certain regions)
  • Paper-based enrolment

Once enrolled, a student will be given a unique ICCE Student ID that is to be used on all correspondence.

Academic Projections

An academic projection must accompany every student enrolment. This projection will outline the courses the students intends to complete during the certificate and must be approved by the ICCE Office before work commences on the certificate. If an academic projection is not approved, the ICCE Office will provide guidance on how to meet the outstanding requirements.

Enrol students

Ongoing Enrolment

ICCE is a baccalaureate-style qualification. Students will therefore be required to enrol for each certificate separately (i.e. as General is completed, the student will need to enrol for Intermediate). However, the student will maintain the same unique ICCE Student ID across all certificates completed.

Withdrawing Students

Find out more about ICCE policy on withdrawing and re-enrolling students.

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Transferring Students

ICCE is open to accepting students who transfer from another education provider.

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Minimum Enrolment Period

Students are required to be enrolled for a minimum period before graduating (except for the Basic certificate). Please note the minimum timeframes for each certificate below:

  • Foundation Certificate – 6 months
  •  Vocational Certificate – 1 year
  •  General Certificate – 1 year
  •  Intermediate Certificate – 6 months
  •  Advanced/Advanced Higher Certificate – 6 months