International Certificate of Christian Education

Assisting Further and Higher Education Providers

ICCE is happy to engage with further and higher education providers (including universities, colleges, and apprenticeship schemes) and prospective employers to explain the setup and outcomes of the ICCE qualifications.

Prospective education providers and employers should contact:

ICCE Further and Higher Education Liaison

​Government Liaison

ICCE actively engages with government and education officials, usually at the request of the National Coordinator within a region, to:

  • Explain the ICCE qualification structure
  • Provide materials for comparison with local education requirements
  • Provide a record of student outcomes

In some areas, ICCE has partnered with local education authorities to ensure that a quality education is consistently delivered to students in schools or home education academies within those regions.

We would strongly advise individuals not to attempt to liaise with government or education officials on their own but to seek the help and expertise of the ICCE Office.

To request assistance with liaising with government or education officials in your region, please contact:

Government Liaison