International Certificate of Christian Education

Benefits of ICCE

Biblical worldview

ICCE makes provision for students to be educated with a curriculum that promotes a biblical worldview right up to the age of 18, with a focus on application and apologetics. There are opportunities for checking this with Biblical Studies essays in the coursework options, but whatever the project, whether Student Convention exhibits for credit or ICCE coursework, the student is always required to relate it to a biblical worldview and its application in the present world.

Educationally robust

ICCE is educationally robust and requires teaching on extended writing and practical science. Essays and Science Projects require a high standard pass to prove the student has been taught to a proper standard. This coursework also enables outside validators to relate the standard to National norms.

Rigorous assessments

ICCE has a rigorous system for ensuring that PACEs (workbooks) are correctly completed and scored. The Internal Moderator ensures that assessment practices are properly followed and also re-marks a specified percentage of tests to check for accuracy. External Moderators also sample tests and other assessments at a national and global level, adding further levels of validation. Careful systems are in place to document the whole assessment process.

Training and support

Training is provided and required for all ICCE personnel. Global, Regional, National and School/HEA level Coordinators and Moderators are trained and must pass the relevant elements in order to practise. An annual CPD requirement ensures that staff training is up-to-date and relevant.

A global office and network of national coordinators provide support throughout the year.

Course variety

ICCE is a baccalaureate-style qualification with various exit levels – General, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Higher. Bias Courses enable students to choose courses which complement their skills or focus on those subjects required by their intended university/course.

ICCE also has less academic options: Basic for LDD/SEND, Foundation for those starting late or progressing slowly, and Vocational for those wanting opportunities in more practical subjects.

ICCE also offers a range of electives/further credit options, enabling students to personalise their transcript.

Global reach

ICCE is used world-wide and is responsive to national and regional issues, allowing permitted regional and national variations in non-core subjects. ICCE also engages with governments and educational officials as part of a global strategy for recognition of the qualification.

Graduate outcomes

ICCE graduates have successfully gained access to universities and colleges, completed apprenticeships and entered the workplace.