International Certificate of Christian Education


ICCE recognises that the professional development and training of the school or home education academy (HEA) staff involved in the implementation and delivery of the ICCE programme is an investment in quality education. It is, therefore, a focus of ICCE to ensure that all staff involved in implementing ICCE receive quality training. The provision of this training is the responsibility of the ICCE national entities under the oversight of the global ICCE Board.

Qualified ICCE trainers are appointed to implement the training which is undertaken at the regional and national level to minimize the cost of participation and maximize the accessibility of the training to the nominated participants.

​Understanding Your Role

Internal Moderator
First Line Marker

Who is the coordinator?

The coordinator is responsible to implement ICCE in the school or HEA to which he/she is connected. The coordinator is therefore responsible for the management and oversight of all duties pertaining to ICCE within the School or HEA. The coordinator is the single point of contact with the ICCE office; hence, all communication to and from the ICCE office should be via the coordinator. The coordinator must be a staff member of the school.

Assistant coordinators

The coordinator may assign staff, under their supervision, to assist in any of the coordinator’s administrative ICCE responsibilities. For example, under the oversight of the ICCE coordinator, the school secretary could be responsible for the recording of ICCE student data, fee payments and other ICCE record-keeping tasks, once appropriately trained by the coordinator. A prerequisite for this assistance is that the appropriate level of ICCE training for the assigned tasks has been completed.

Responsibilities of the coordinator

A list of the coordinator's responsibilities is available in the ICCE Procedures Manual.

Internal Moderator

Who is the internal moderator?

The Internal Moderator implements and maintains the quality assurance process with regard to ICCE assessment practices in the school or HEA which he/she serves.

The internal moderator is responsible for all aspects of the ICCE assessment processes and practices which include:

  • The review of all and/or any relevant processes that lead up to and affect ICCE assessment practices and student assessment outcomes
  • Randomly checking the quality of marking for both PACE and non-PACE assessed items
  • Training staff in ICCE assessment requirements, policies and practices

Note: All schools and HEAs must have access to an ICCE-trained internal moderator. The moderator may be on staff or sourced from outside the school/HEA. A school or HEA network (a group of schools or HEAs cooperating with each other), in consultation with the relevant ICCE national coordinator, may collectively appoint a network moderator to service the schools in the network. Schools may also make use of moderation services offered by an ICCE-trained moderator who independently offers these services.  Countries may opt to appoint a national internal moderator who moderates tests on behalf of all schools or home schools in the country. The costs incurred for the appointment and operation of a moderator are the responsibility of the participating schools.

A single school may have more than one internal moderator. However, one person must oversee and take responsibility for all aspects pertaining to moderation in the school as outlined in the ICCE Procedures Manual. The ICCE Office will hold this person accountable for moderation practice in the school.

Home educators are to send all marked Tests to the home education academy they are affiliated with (for example, TEACH) to be moderated.


Responsibilities of the internal moderator

A list of the internal moderator's responsibilities is available in the ICCE Procedures Manual.

First Line Marker

Who is the first line marker (FLM)?

The FLM is the person marking the tests and recording the marks, and is usually the supervisor, parent or tutor.

Please note that the FLM may also be an internal moderator but may only moderate the tests marked by other FLMs (i.e. the same person cannot mark and moderate the test).

Responsibilities of the FLM

A list of the FLM's responsibilities is available in the ICCE Procedures Manual.

School Improvement


It is important that schools and home education academies (HEAs) registered with ICCE regularly conduct self-evaluations to ensure they are on track and meeting all necessary requirements. ICCE supports schools in this process by providing access to an online Self-Evaluation tool which should be used at least once or twice a year to check progress and mark areas for improvement.Self-Evaluation tool which should be used at least once or twice a year to check progress and mark areas for improvement.


Site Visits

ICCE will designate quality assessors in each region who will, on behalf of ICCE, provide support through desktop evaluations and site visits, helping schools and HEAs reach and maintain ICCE requirements on a regular and consistent basis.