Overview of Certificates

The ICCE offers several certificate levels providing options for students using A.C.E. educational resources as core learning materials. These are divided into two tracks: academic and vocational. The specific focus of the ICCE Academic Certificates is the final four years of schooling during which students are prepared for Higher Education and employment. The vocational certificates have a less academic focus.

The ICCE is structured around two key elements, namely:
  1. The use of the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum materials wherever appropriate, and to the fullest extent possible, as the core curriculum (within the ICCE programme).
  2. The content of the curriculum is from a Biblical worldview.

The ICCE is designed to give students a Christian Education that equips them academically for Higher Education or employment. It encourages a Christian Faith that is grounded in a confident, reasoned understanding of the teaching of the Bible as the Word of God.

The intention is that the ICCE Academic certificates will have worldwide acknowledgement/acceptance as an academic programme of studies that satisfies all of the qualification/ accreditation requirements in the jurisdiction of its application, such that it provides graduating students with a seamless pathway to gain direct access to Higher Education courses of the student’s interest and choosing.

The ICCE represents an educationally cohesive and balanced course of study across the core subject disciplines in the fields of Language Arts (including Foreign Languages), Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences (Humanities), Creative and Performance Arts, Technology, Health and Physical Education.
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