International Certificate of Christian Education


ICCE recognises that the professional development and training of the school or home education academy (HEA) staff involved in the implementation and delivery of the ICCE programme is an investment in quality education. It is, therefore, a focus of ICCE to ensure that all staff involved in implementing ICCE receive quality training. The provision of this training is the responsibility of the ICCE national entities under the oversight of the global ICCE Board.

Qualified ICCE trainers are appointed to implement the training which is undertaken at the regional and national level to minimize the cost of participation and maximize the accessibility of the training to the nominated participants.

‚Äč‚ÄčInitial Training

School coordinators and moderators must complete and pass the ICCE Procedures & QA Training prior to a school/HEA being registered with ICCE. First line markers (including home educators) are also required to complete training to ensure accurate marking of tests.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training requirements for staff operating in an ICCE-registered school/HEA include:

  • Completing 10 hours of Continuous Professional Development annually (as prescribed by ICCE)
  • Renewal of Procedures & QA Training according to regional requirements

A summary of the requirements is available here.

Types of Training

More Support for Schools/HEAs