International Certificate of Christian Education

Subject Groups

The diagram below shows how ICCE subjects are arranged into groups to present a balanced whole. 

Credit Requirements

Students are expected to complete a specified number of credits in each subject group per certificate level. Credits are only awarded to courses that are completed to the required standard.


At General Level, a credit is expected to comprise 120 hours of study, while 140 hours of study would be expected at the Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Educational Resources

The core educational resources of the ICCE Certificate levels are A.C.E. learning materials. As a general rule, a minimum of 80% of the credits required must be A.C.E. PACEs or courses approved by ICCE Ltd as PACE substitutes. This allows for 20% of each certificate level to be non-A.C.E. educational learning materials. Exceptions to the above must be approved in advance by the Global Office.

Further Credit Options

The structure of the ICCE Qualification allows for freedom in the choice of further credit options (electives), which may be PACE or non-PACE courses, and has a comprehensive list of approved options. These can be viewed on the Course List and Course Structure page of the ICCE website.

Credit for Prior Learning

A student who transfers to ICCE may apply to have a completed course from another education provider credited towards an ICCE certificate as ICCE is willing to consider some courses completed by students for credit for prior learning, but this is strictly limited.  Applications will be evaluated and the applicant informed in writing of the decision.