International Certificate of Christian Education

ICCE Certificates

ICCE Certificates are divided into two tracks: academic and vocational. The specific focus of the ICCE academic certificates is the final four years of schooling during which students are prepared for higher education and employment. The vocational certificates have a less academic focus.

Academic Certificates

The ICCE is a baccalaureate-style programme offering four exit qualifications. The academic certificates build upon each other and should therefore be completed sequentially (i.e. each certificate becomes the prerequisite for the next level).


The General Certificate is comparable to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) ‘O’ Level standard and is the first of the ICCE academic certificates.


This is the second academic certificate and forms a bridge between the General and Advanced Levels. The Intermediate certificate is comprised of 7 credits.


The Advanced Certificate is comparable to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)  ‘A’ Level standard and is intended for students who want to pursue higher education opportunities, study professional courses at colleges and universities, or enter the work place. Students may follow the standard Advanced Course or select from several bias courses.

Advanced Higher/Honours

This certificate provides an extension course for early finishers and high achievers, and may be beneficial for those wanting to enter more competitive disciplines at tertiary institutions.

Specific requirements apply to each certificate. 

The following table summarises the requirements for each academic certificate.

Vocational Certificates

The vocational certificates are available to those who need a qualification with a less academic focus.


This course is designed for students with considerable Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The content varies with the individual education plan (IEP) of each student. It is important that the ICCE Office is aware of students’ IEPs and of the courses being followed.


The Foundation Certificate is for students who start late or work too slowly to complete a General Certificate. It is equivalent to the first year of General Level (Level 8) and could be considered to be similar to 5 GCSE short courses. It should not be applied for by those going on to the higher levels. 


This certificate is intended for students who wish to follow more practical vocations and therefore can replace some Level 9 academic subjects with courses relevant/adapted to their desired outcomes.


ICCE Certificates are not age-related or subject to annual time constraints for completion. The ICCE Awards are achieved when a student has completed all elements of a particular ICCE certificate’s requirements. This means that students who need extra time to experience academic success are catered for within the ICCE structure.