International Certificate of Christian Education

Why Coursework?

ICCE recognises that students benefit from engaging with learning contexts that extend their thinking beyond the immediate acquisition of subject knowledge and understanding into the application of higher order/critical thinking skills. Coursework, therefore, is a vital component of the ICCE qualification.

It is intended that ICCE students will benefit from coursework by:

  • Developing critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Being able to express thoughts clearly and logically
  • Gaining more knowledge about a particular subject
  • Improving writing and communication skills
  • Being prepared for the demands of employment or tertiary education

Coursework Requirements

Coursework is not required for the Basic, Foundation and Vocational Certificates; however, it is compulsory for all the ICCE Academic certificates and carries a weight of half (½) a credit per certificate level. Coursework is comprised of essays, science projects and mathematical papers. Topics are prescribed by ICCE. 

    Coursework Assessment

    Completed coursework should be marked by the First Line Marker (training is provided), but moderation will be done by the ICCE External Moderators. The External Moderator’s mark will be the final result. In the event that coursework is failed, a standard process is in place and should be followed.

    Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will incur penalties.