International Certificate of Christian Education

ICCE Course Structure

Welcome to the ICCE Course Structure page. Below are the ICCE approved course structures by Level and Region. These tables indicate which courses are applicable for each certificate level to give guidance when courses are chosen. 

This course structure is subject to change as more courses become available or are discontinued. Updates will be affected as applicable. Please ensure that upon enrolment you are using the latest course structure to avoid disappointment.  Please note that a student's Academic Projection is only official after receiving approval from the ICCE Registrar upon enrolment.

Contact your relevant National Coordinator if you need more information or guidance. 

Course Structure By Level

Click the relevant Region under the Certificate Level heading.

Guidelines on how to use the tables once opened:
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  2. Expanded "Content Overview" View: Click a block and use the top-right arrows to expand it for complete content.

  3. Table Controls: Filter and sort using controls at the top left of the table.

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  5. Compulsory Course Selections: This indicates where a selection must be made within a curriculum group. These are colour coded for easy referencing. Courses must be chosen from the same colour group. Please reference the Handbook for the total to be selected. 


Foundation Level


Vocational Level


General Level


Intermediate Level


Advanced Level


Advanced Higher Level