International Certificate of Christian Education

Becoming an ICCE School or Home Education Academy

Schools or home education academies (HEAs) who wish to offer the ICCE Certificates must apply to be registered with ICCE. Unregistered or deregistered schools may not offer the ICCE qualifications in their school/HEA. In order to make application, schools or HEAs must first be registered with their local education authorities (as applicable per region).

Registration as an ICCE school/HEA involves:

  • Application to the ICCE Office (including payment of the relevant fees)
  •  Relevant Training and Appointing of Key Staff
  • Quality Assessment Visit

Once ICCE Full Registration status is achieved, this will be in place for an initial 5-year period subject to the required standards being suitably maintained. Thereafter, the school or HEA will be subject to a further renewal assessment process.

Registered schools/HEAs will be issued with a unique ICCE School/HEA ID that is to be used in all communication with the ICCE Office.

Maintaining Your Registration

ICCE-registered schools and home education academies (HEAs) are required to implement ICCE to an acceptable standard in order to maintain their registered status. 

This involves:
  • Satisfying ICCE training and professional development requirements
  • Accommodating site visits by ICCE designated personnel
  • Compliance with administrative requirements within scheduled timelines
  • Responding in a timely manner to ICCE accountability requirements
  • Maintaining accurate, up-to-date and secure ICCE records
  • Responding to moderation and remediation
  • Implementing appropriate fee collection and payment practices
  • Adhering to registration renewal requirements
  • Attending to the students’ academic needs and welfare
  • Supporting the student

Measures are in place to manage schools and home education academies that fail to maintain required standards.

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Support for Schools/HEAs

ICCE is committed to ensuring that all staff in schools and Home Education Academies (HEAs) are suitably equipped to fulfil their relevant roles so that students are adequately supported and quality standards are maintained.  

This is achieved through regular training, annual events, and week-day support from the ICCE Office.


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Support for Teachers

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