International Certificate of Christian Education


Students who are not able to complete the ICCE Certificates for which they have been enrolled must be withdrawn by the Coordinator of the school/HEA. This can be done online or by notice in writing to the ICCE Office.

ICCE reserves the right to conduct periodic reviews and may choose to disenrol students who have not completed their Certificates during a specified time frame. In this instance, the relevant school or HEA will be informed of this decision and given the option to appeal as appropriate. 


A student wanting to complete a certificate may apply to be re-enrolled within a period of five years of disenrolment. The Coordinator is to make application through the usual channels.

ICCE may require a student to include new requirements or start certain courses from the beginning if, for example, the course content has changed, new courses have been developed in the interim, and courses have been discontinued.

Where application is made after five years of disenrolment or a break in studies, enrolment is at the discretion of the ICCE Board.

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​Transfer Students

A student who transfers to ICCE may apply to have a completed course from another education provider credited towards an ICCE certificate as ICCE is willing to consider some courses completed by students for credit for prior learning, but this is strictly limited.  Applications will be evaluated and the applicant informed in writing of the decision.

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