International Certificate of Christian Education


ICCE assessments are administered in various ways and are assessed by trained personnel, both internally (within the school or home education academy) and externally.


Because ICCE has a mastery approach to learning, ICCE students will write regular tests to ensure mastery of material before moving on to new concepts. Specific guidelines are in place to ensure the security of test papers and integrity of results.


ICCE students are required to complete half a credit of coursework per certificate level (General, Intermediate and Advanced certificates). 

This coursework is submitted to ICCE for marking and moderation.


To ensure the accuracy, quality and impartiality when it comes to the assessment and reporting of a student’s work. Because teachers may often mark their own students’ work, this is ensured through the ICCE moderation process.

Quality Assurance

Quality Checks

Quality assurance is critical to ensuring a robust qualification. For this reason, ICCE has put in place measures to ensure quality in the delivery and outcomes of the ICCE certificates. ICCE procedures should be implemented correctly and to their fullest extent; proof of this will be required remotely and during site visits.

Within a school or home education academy (HEA), the implementation and quality assurance of ICCE is the responsibility of key role players – the supervisor, first line marker, coordinator and internal moderator. These representatives are trained and certificated by ICCE to implement ICCE in the school or HEA but are appointed by the school or HEA as school/HEA staff. 

In addition, ICCE has designated Quality Assessors in each region who will conduct site visits on behalf of ICCE in order to ensure that all ICCE procedures are implemented and maintained to the required standards. Schools and HEAs can ensure that they are prepared for these visits through the school improvement process. school improvement process. school improvement process. 

Maintaining Training through CPD

In order to maintain the expected level of quality in a school or HEA offering ICCE qualifications, all key role players are required to meet the training criteria set out by ICCE. This includes:

  • Attending and passing initial training prior to appointment
  • Maintaining the training update regimen
  • Completing at a minimum 10 hours of prescribed CPD training per year

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