International Certificate of Christian Education

ICCE Coursework Essays | Transition Guide

29.10.21 10:57 AM By ICCE

Dear ICCE Coordinators,


The new coursework titles have been released and should be implemented for students beginning their essays with immediate effect. If you missed the original release, the new guidelines can be downloaded from the downloads page of this website.


Please note the following requirements:


  • Students working on old essay titles must complete and submit the essays to their National Moderator by 31st December 2021.
  • National Coordinators must submit the completed essays to the ICCE office by 31st January 2022 at the latest.
  • From 1st February 2022, all essay submissions for Social Studies, Biblical Studies and English must be titles from the new coursework guidelines.
  • The old titles for Advanced Level Maths Papers and Science Essays will still be accepted as the new titles are not yet available.
  • The English III Research Paper title can be selected by the student or taken from the list given in English III PACE 1131.


Please contact the ICCE office prior to 31st December if a student has already started their essay but will be delayed due to extenuating circumstances e.g., COVID-19 illness or bereavement.


Thank you for your support during this transition.