International Certificate of Christian Education

ICCE Upcoming Developments - 31 March 2021

31.03.21 09:20 AM By ICCE

In line with ICCE’s practice of continual development, please take careful note of the following developments that will be released over the next few months and come into effect from September 2021 (unless otherwise indicated). 


Please look out for further communication with information on each item to ensure you are up to date with the latest ICCE offering.


  • The 2021 Global Procedures Manual and Regional Handbooks for Europe and Africa will be released (able to be referenced as soon as released).
  • New University Handbook (able to be referenced as soon as released)
  • New Coursework Titles
  • New courses/PACEs will be released, including:
    • An update to the alternative Literature 9 course at General Level
    • An optional Literature 10 course at Intermediate Level (half and full credit options)
    • Additional Level 12 (Advanced) Maths PACEs
  • Credit will be offered for selected Agriculture Courses.
  • Science practical skills, which will initially include videos and lab books, will be provided for those intending to apply for Science degrees.

Further details will be provided on each of these items in the coming weeks.