ICCE Comparability Study

The ICCE General, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates were benchmarked in 2008 and 2011 by the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom, UK NARIC. On both occasions UK NARIC used the widely recognized and highly regarded Cambridge International Examinations O and A Level as the basis for the benchmarking assessment.

The 2011 UK NARIC study reported that the ICCE Advanced Certificate was comparable to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Advanced Level (A Level) standard and that the General (Academic) Certificate was comparable to CIE Ordinary Level (O Level) standard.

The UK NARIC study undertook a comparative analysis of the CIE and the ICCE qualifications in terms of content and learning outcomes, programme delivery and the relative effectiveness of the quality assurance processes. UK NARIC reported that the study demonstrated that:

Despite some differences in mode of learning and assessment method, the then ICCE qualifications compared closely to the CIE O and A Levels with regard to their learning outcomes and content.

The ICCE programme delivery was found to be effective in developing students’ abilities across a wide range of subjects and preparing them for taking the ICCE qualifications.

The quality assurance mechanisms which underpin the ICCE delivery and assessment can be considered to be rigorous and robust.

The following table summarizes the overall levels of comparability determined by UK NARIC following the 2011 assessment.

For more details, please download this document from UK NARIC: ‘Benchmarking ICCE Qualifications' - click to download

UK NARIC confirmed in a letter to ICCE dated 18th February 2019 that the benchmarking report still stands.

Please note that as the studies are more than 5 years old, UK NARIC does not now maintain them on their online database of qualifications.

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